Form follows Function.
The well-known dictum by the nineteenth-century American
Architect Louis Henry Sullivan anchors Evergreen's approach to manufacturing and comprises the very core of our product development philosophy.

I say thanks from the deep of my heart for your valuable time and assistance. I will always remain to you for this decency.

We believe that hardware has value precisely because it has function-in other words, because it is useful. And we have learned from long experience that form properly derives from the single minded pursuit of function. You won't find Evergreen giving priority to form. Because we believe that superficial appearance should not be changed in the absence of a difference in underlying functionality, we won't "engineer" new products by tweaking the form or design of previous ones. In other words changes in the form of our products without exception signal significant improvements in functionality. Appearance has never been, nor will it ever be, the driving force behind our products. It is hardware to which we are committed, and it is hardware that we will continue to create. That is the promise of Evergreen.

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